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We are automation parts buyers. As well as selling automation parts in our store, we also purchase them. If you need to recoup some money from obsolete production machinery, contact KB Automation directly. We will offer a fair price, and pay for the delivery too. If you have spare parts you wish to sell, fill in the form below and we will get back to you promptly.

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Turn your spare parts into cash:

When you sell your spares to us, it enables us to support people looking for obsolete automation equipment, and enables you to recoup your losses from the resale of your machinery. You will be paid within 2 days of us receiving the parts. As automation parts buyers, we pledge to be just as honest and responsible as we are when we sell automation spare parts, and will always offer a fair price for your equipment.

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What we buy:


PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers)
I/O (Input/Output Modules)
HMI (Human Machine Interfaces)
Servo Systems (Drives/Motors)

VSD (Variable Speed Drives)








Safety/Control Devices

Robotics (Fixed/Collaborative Robots)

Power Supplies





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Servo Motor




Call our automation parts suppliers on 07415 937774, or email, if you have any query. 




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